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We Are A Popping Rock Band





Our constitution has turned into a piece of paper; it’s not even good anymore to clean your ass. The almighty money rules over everything else. The democracy has slithered down the drain to oblivion. And the “homeland” is not far behind. A kleptocracy is now “the new normal.” A kleptocracy is a form of government by those who seek chiefly status and personal gain at the expense of the governed.
Our ape-like-chest-thumping white males (subhuman black holes) are completely impotent to govern. In fact their governing now is so out of touch with our reality . . . and yes, so cancerous, it has reached epidemic proportions. Their “governing” is like a deadly cancer and we must deal with it now. Why? Why? Why is this yellow hair cancerous monster still walking around a free man and keeps gloating and spread his killing venom?
Every Revolution is always fired-up by evil mad-men. USA Revolution 21 is not and exception at all. USA Revolution 21 no doubt was set up and lit by con man Trump don. And the Republi-Cons? Hah! Sit on the sideline, musturbate and gloat.
God listen to America’s crying for help. End greed, inhuman suffering, and all laming pain. Please God bless us anew. Give us the good. . . . And what about you? . . . What about me? . . . Yes god . . . we’re fucked! 
(Why has God not created more human beings like Steve Kerr?)
(Why does God allow our subhuman black holes to kill the human race and destroy our beautiful planet?) 
It’s crystal clear
It had to happen
Must come true now
The women’s touch we’ve been waiting for
That womanly touch liberating the USA finally from the sick Republican putridity


Black holes are places in deep outer space where gravity pulls with such great force, light cannot escape.
Billionaires are black holes here on planet earth where greed and ego’s the deadly force, living and life cannot survive.
Alexa bring me popcorn then turn on the fire TV internet porn.
And since we are connected, put me through to your inter cellular therapist . . . immediately!
. . . Alexa! Thank you for keeping me numb, dumb-down . . . and a living dead!
Moosh is the rabid Fox. You know the Fox News sewer TV crooks.
They are the rabid fox brood.
We now live in a very depressing time. 
A handful of power-obsessed megalomaniacs control us as we were cows.
On top of that filthy breed – crowning them all – is the slime-peddling, pathetic, Australian immigrant Murdoch, the white-collar terrorist that is the head of the death and destruction spouting Fox News sewer TV network.  
Imagine . . . just imagine!
This is a new breed woman
This is the beauty that can be
Her brain is as big as her heart
Beautiful and natural
Is a shining beacon, has guts, her skills exist to thrill
YYes . . . and she loves
And is eager and always willing to cook
(Featured breed: Yutta Leerdam; world champion in 1000m speed skating from the Netherlands)
Where there is hope
There is life
Where there is life
There is hope
It’s all good
It’s all part of life
It’s all good. It’s all true
Just start your inner fire
(Energy is Life – Life is Energy)
What is American Exceptionalism?
The bible
The cross
The guns, naturally the AR-15’s
And the red, white and blue flag – daily – jammed up your ass!